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Avoiding Windows 10 October Update

Windows Newest Update Features Bugs

On our most recent article, we broke down the new features and details of Microsoft’s Windows 10 October update which has been in the making for a while now, and the last major update for Windows this year.

Since writing the article, the internet has been taken by storm with comments about Windows 10 bugs in the update and how users should avoid the update until Microsoft delivers some solid fixes. As a response, Microsoft has currently suspended the download of the update on some systems. Some of the issues that were reported when the update was downloaded were the following:

  • Lost Files
  • Issues with CPU usage
  • Battery Life Reduction Post-Update

While these problems are addressed, people are becoming speculative of Microsoft’s new products that were announced along with the update release. The new products that were announced were Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, and Surface Studio 2.

Of the reported problems, the most persistent one seems to be disappearing files, some reporting that post-update resulted in a loss of 220 GB of data, with the affected file types being documents, music, and photos.

As of right now, the speculation as to why this occurs is resting on OneDrive’s shoulders. A user reports that if you have items locally stored, that aren’t also on OneDrive, the update will delete them. The same user make an urge to everyone that if you have anything that is not on OneDrive, to migrate immediately and avoid the possibilities of file loss. As an added caution, it has been learned that simply rolling back your computer to before the update does not bring back the deleted files.

A second main issue that has become a signature of this update relates to the Intel Display Audio driver. The glitch affects users running PCs with Intel’s 6th-generation Skylake Processors or newer. The glitch causes excessive CPU usage, resulting in diminished battery life. Microsoft has halted the update to all CPUs matching the requirements for the glitch.

That’s the unfortunate breakdown of the issues relating to Microsoft’s Windows 10 October update. Fingers are crossed that we see a timely fix to these issues and hopefully some manner of ease for those greatly affected by the current problems.

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Windows 10 Update Breakdown

Windows 10 October Update Detail Breakdown

Windows 10 has released their newest update just in time for October. As per the past updates,  we will breakdown the core elements of the update so that you can make the best use of the optimizations and new incorporation’s!

Before We Start

Before breaking down the details, we thought it would be good to remind some of the newcomers what a Windows update is and how it works!

What it is

The Windows 10 update for October 2018 is the second and final large update for the Window’s operating system for this year. What this involves is aspects like security and privacy enhancements and generally new features and optimizations.

How do you Acquire the Update?

There are generally two ways to get these Operating System Updates. The main way is through automatic updates, which most systems are set up for as off the bat. The second way is to manually download the update from the Windows Update panel that is on the Operating system already. Just click update, and your computer will do the rest!

What if you don’t want the update?

While you may delay the update, there isn’t a way to completely stop it. If your version of Windows is two years old, the system will automatically update without your say so. Otherwise, if you have a more recent version, you may delay the update in the Windows Update “settings” tab.

The Details!

Alright so now let’s break into the details of this update, so you can use everything available to you!

One of the largest incorporation’s in this update is Window’s new feature the “Your Phone App” which allows for direct communication between your Android Phone and Windows 10 Operating system, with no cords or emails necessary! For further details on this feature alone, click on the following link for our recent article on it!

Apps on your computer

Virtual Keyboards! 

Microsoft has integrated a new way to use they keyboard…with a mouse!  The SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard that predictive text capabilities to speed up your message typing…or mouse swiging, allowing for easy and intuitive messaging! The AI incorporated with the SwiftKey keyboard has machine learning, autocorrect, and dramatic improvements to English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Clipboard Revision

The clipboard is now floating in the sky! Just kidding, however Microsoft has brought Clipboard to the cloud, and is now called “Cloud Clipboard”. This will let you take text from one PC and place is on another, along with enhanced history functionality and the ability to pin frequently pasted items, which can also be synced across machines.

To interact with this new clipboard press the following keys

Windows Key + V

New Emojis!

Get ready for this, there are now… 157 NEW EMOJI! These emojis range from laptops to bumble bees, heck there is even space cats, now you can really tell your space cat story with images!

To take a gander at all the Emoji available to your army of emotions, press the following keys:

Windows Key + Full Stop Key

Improved Search Engines

Searching on the Windows desktop has been changed to include big previews for files, documents, emails, and contacts. There is also now a “recently accessed files” section that pops up when you search for Word or another app.

Whats Left

That about wraps it up for most of the newest and most exciting features of the update, but we will list off the remaining changes and updates below!

  • Auto blocking of Videos in Edge
  • 3D models and Inking in Word and PowerPoint
  • Replacement of the Snipping Tool with Snip & Sketch
  • Faster Updates
  • Improves Privacy Controls

We think there are some neat alterations and additions in this update, what about you?

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Apps on your computer

Microsoft has introduced App Mirroring, letting apps be used on Windows 10

Most people would ask “What next for Microsoft?” due to their already built prominence in our society, through the technology we use in the workplace and even the technology we use at home.  Microsoft is an integral part of many of our lives, sometimes without us even knowing it, and because of this, it is hard to imagine where a company can go from the already many achievements.

The question still lingers, however it could become clear soon as Microsoft introduces a new functionality with two of their products. Microsoft has introduced ” App Mirroring” which will allow any android app to be used on Windows 10. While this may not seem like a huge deal at a glance, it gives some indication of Microsoft’s future potential directions. This release is a clearly rooted in an attempt to connect in a more cohesive manner, Microsoft’s multiple platforms to a degree that is seamless and wholly unified.  An example of this functionality, would be the seamless interaction between your android phone and Windows 10. A user will be able to bring up the “My Phone” app which will pull all files and saves that are on the android up, up onto the computer screen and be treated as if the files were already on the computer, resulting in a smooth transition of information, pictures and other documents. This effectively means that users of Android phones and Windows 10 will no longer have to email themselves things, or plug in their phones to exchange the content between the two platforms.

The unveiling of the new compatibility functions arose at the Surface Hardware event that was held in New York City. While there wasn’t an extensive demo presented, we don’t have to wait long before getting some hands on experience with the functionality, as Microsoft has announced that the App Mirroring feature will be available right now, with the new Windows 10 October update. The current features will include stock texting, and photo apps and iPhone webpage transfer, while more features will be released later at a currently unannounced date.

What do you think about this new interaction between Windows 10 and Android phones? Do you think this will be easier to move files from one platform to another? Let us know!

As always, stay in the loop with technology and it’s ever changing landscape with our weekly updates! And remember, if you have any security needs, we at Re2tech make I.T. easy!

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Apple Made a Rotten Deal?

Lawsuit Against Apple for Modem Technology Leaks

Apple, one of the largest technology corporations is in a lawsuit filed by Qualcomm for the stealing of modem technology.

Over the past few years Apple’s relationship has been growing sour with Qualcomm because of the technology that is used involving modem technology. Qualcomm is claiming that Apple had stolen the details of their modem technology and given it to Intel to improve Intel’s capabilities and rely less on Qualcomm. This type of action by Apple may seem relatively new to some, but this claim has been spreading for the past two years and isn’t the first time such a large technology corporation has been in this situation.

Qualcomm has stated that Apple has been stealing its wireless technology for several years, in an attempt to rid themselves of Qualcomm services and bolster their profit margins. Qualcomm also states that Apple has given the wireless technology code to Intel in order to beef their services up, claiming that Intel has often been known to have slower speeds. Back when the battle began, Apple had claimed that Qualcomm has been abusing it’s position as the dominant smartphone modem suppliers and used that position to demand unreasonable fees from Apple. However now as the battle unfolds Qualcomm is claiming that they have good evidence, showing the interaction between Apple and Intel sharing the source code from Qualcomm’s wireless technology along with some other tools.

Qualcomm stated during the investigation that Apple had developed and enacted an intricate plan that stole vast amounts of Qualcomm’s confidential and sensitive information.  In a unique presentation of information in the case, it came to light that Intel engineers had actually complained to Apple about the difficulties accessing secret Qualcomm files, and as a response, Apple had created new viewable files for Intel while using Qualcomm tools.

Apple had attempted to defend themselves saying that they struck a deal with Qualcomm back in 2009 which involved the trading of Qualcomm secret codes so that it could be more deeply integrated into the Apple products. Qualcomm said that while that was true, the other part of the deal was that Apple had to be using Qualcomm chips in their phones and products, and was prevented from third party access and must share a robust security like that of Apple’s own coding.

Often we hear news about customer information becoming the source of stolen information, however now it seems that the most recurring technological news is the stealing of property from one company to another. Despite the technological advancements developed in time, it seems there is still many underhanded and guised tactics at play. It seems like this battle may be waged for many years to come at this rate. What do you think about our prominent technology companies and their questionable ethics?

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Google Updates Photos to 4.0

Google Is Rolling out an Update For Photos!

Google’s I/O festival ran with a full tank and brought about some news of updates and possible improvements for some of Google’s popular products and services!

For those not familiar with the I/O festival, it is a developer festival that is held in May each year. The purpose of the developer festival is to unveil some “in the works” ideas and projects, while also taking the opportunity to announce some major releases that are ready to roll out.

The major release that caught a lot of attention this year has been Google’s announcement of their Photos update to 4.0, bundled along with Google Material Theme. The goal that Google had set out for their update is to improve the visual appeal of the Photos app while also introducing new icons, all while maintaining navigation as a core element.

Upon updating Google Photos, users will immediately notice a new bottom bar inside the app that has the Material Theme icons, which are identifiable by their bold outlines. Google’s Photos 4.0 update is an appealing immersion experience into the photos you, the user, take for work or play. The improved design flow and easily identifiable icons allow for quick managing of multiple photo folders, albums, collages, movies, and animations.

Aside from functional incorporation’s, there were also a few updates to already existing features for the app involving things like an improved “suggestion” feature , along with an auto brightness fix and rotation within the app. Despite all of this, one of the main takeaways from the Google Photos update is the improved Google Material Theme.

Google has had Material Theme implemented into their programs and apps for about four years now, however since the recent announcement of the Photos update; there has been a follow-up announcement for Google Material Theme. Material Design’s main goal is to unify appearance and core functionality within apps and across platforms. Google has made some improvements to this functionality by introducing “Material Theming” which involves a new “rethought” design that gives developers and designers more flexibility and has been called a “superset” by Google when compared to its initial release four years ago.

Material Theming provides a design system for making design systems, so that the option to create becomes more widely available no matter how small a developer is, and no matter how many designers are on board. Material can now be the foundation for developers and designers with the newly provided tools and guardrails, essentially letting those creators to develop beautiful apps across multiple platforms in their own “language”.

As a simplified wrap up:

  • Google Photos has a 4.0 update available
  • The update showcases an improved version of  Google’s Material Design
  • A stronger streamline to multiple platforms for developers and designers
  • Wide accessibility
  • Reworked user interface and design to improve user interaction

Go check out the reviews of Google’s new update and decide for yourself if their big I/O festival announcements are worth the hype! We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Def Con Has Begun, Children Break Election Sites

Children At A Hacking Convention Show How Easy It Is To Alter Election Results

As the hacking convention Def Con was revving up for the competitions, the news was a buzz about the coming elections and the potential threat of outside parties hacking the results and altering the outcome. This is nothing new lately ever since the most recent presidential election and the possible interaction of the Russian government.

As if there were not enough worries going around about our technologies security on sensitive matters, during the hacking convention, there were some children that show an example of how easy it would be to hack into the voting system. This alone spread quite a lot of talk, really pressuring our government to recognize its shortcomings in the security department.

What the results of this showed was that, when it comes to actually altering the recorded votes and changing them towards a particular candidate, it’s still significantly difficult and anyone who would attempt such a scam would put themselves at great risk of being found out, basically rendering that option useless.
However the other thing that was learned, was the actual risk of a hacker casting the entirety of the election into the zone if invalidity is completely possible, thanks to the many number of entry points available to choose from in the security. Not to mention it is extremely easy to accomplish, which should be obvious by the 11-year-old girl that took 10 minutes to accomplish such tasks.

So why is it so easy? It has been identified that the most vulnerable part of the election infrastructure is the websites; this is because websites are by nature connected to the internet 24/7. Because of this nature of their existence, be it used for voter registration, online campaigning, or announcing results at the end of an election, the website can be used to throw a wrench in the cogs and cause a lot of problems. An example of this happening was during elections in the Ukraine, and Russia chose to interfere with them and cause havoc with misinformation, and gaining a foothold to sow more false allegations.

So why don’t more people take the time to test the integrity of the websites? Because there is little interest in it. It generally takes a few minutes to run the assessment of election websites which most find to be boring and not worth their time, resulting in the lack of security we see today with the websites. During the convention, there were a series of challenges for the kids, which was to break each states election websites and show just how easy it was to spread false allegations. At one point it was reported that a child had completely altered the information on Colorado’s site to show the winner of the “Communism” party being Kim Jong-un with one quadrillion votes. The runner up was a rapper named Lil Pump, standing with the Democratic party with a little under 46 million votes.

What we can take from this is insight into the vulnerabilities that are present during elections, and use it to guide us through information we see online that may not be correct, or may need some more time and research done before believing it. Hopefully the future will hold election sites with strong security and outside parties not trying to break things!

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Sextortion Scams Fueled by Passwords

Some online hackers have scored a large sum of cash after scamming victims with their passwords

We all do it. We open our email and see a message from someone or something familiar, however it seems out of nowhere and the topic line does not make a whole lot of sense. We want to open it, we want to know what it holds. But then we remember the barrage of stories involving hackers and passwords and emails, so you turn away and let curiosity sit in a corner waiting for all eternity.

Thanks to the innovations of scammers online these days, it is becoming more and more difficult to know when something is legitimate or a scam. This extends beyond emails, for example, phone calls that tend to use fear as a primary driver causing you to give out information you otherwise wouldn’t. In this new headliner covering the web, fear was certainly the abused emotion.

A new group of scammers has spammed emails to tons of recipients claiming that they have caught the recipients looking at porn via their webcam, and if the demanded amount is not paid, the dirty laundry will be let out to dry. In an attempt to push people towards cooperating, the scammers also try to give evidence that their claims are true, by providing passwords they say they have stolen as proof to the potential victim of their capabilities.  So far, there have been more than 150 people who have fallen for the scam, totaling to $250,000 in Bitcoin transfers.

So here is the kicker, the claims made by the scammers of stolen passwords and access to webcams have all been lies. The passwords that were provided to potential victims were all passwords that have been leaked to the internet in the past in-part thanks to data breaches. However, this has not caused any slowing of Bitcoin transfers says cyber security experts, who have stated that more than 30 Bitcoin in a matter of weeks have already been gained by the scammers. If you compare this scam to the previous online threats, this new scam has out-shinned in effectiveness when compared to WannaCry, one of the more notorious ransomwares spread rapidly around the world in 2017 disrupting hospitals and other businesses.

So far, a security researcher from the Netherlands who goes by the name of ‘SecGuru’ has assessed that there are two variations of the spam email going around. The first variant does not involve a password and demands for $200-$700. Whereas the second variant does include a “stolen” password and demands $1900-$8000. One of the more concerning aspects about his scam is that the second email variation uses real Outlook and Hotmail addresses, making them difficult to block.

SecGuru has listed three reasons as to why this blackmailing has been successful:

  1. People often watch porn on their computer, so convincing someone that they know about their secret habit would convince them easily.
  2. Gaining access to someone’s webcam is feasible, and has happened before.
  3. As hackers claim to have passwords that were (or are currently) in use, it’s easy to manipulate the sense of security of the recipients into thinking their computer has been taken over.

It is advised that if anyone receives such sextortion messages they should not pay. If your worried if they have an actual in use password of yours, go and change your passwords that might be using the same one they sent on all sites and you will be just fine. Remember to actually make a password that is strong too, not just “password”.

Also while your at it, you can check to see if your password is one of the millions that has been leaked over the last few years on the site HaveIBeenPwned.com, this will give you a good indication if they received the password from a breach.

As for the webcam, if you are worried you’re being spied on, use some black tape.

As always, stay safe on the web, and be careful where you go and what you give your information to.

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Microsoft Releases ‘Teams’ For Free

Microsoft has released a free version of Teams with their Office 365

Recently, as a celebration of the one year anniversary of the release of Microsoft’s Office 365, Microsoft has released a free version of Teams. This free version is accessible in over 40 languages and was designed for small businesses and groups that don’t have access to the commercial Office 365 subscriptions.

Now thanks to this free version of Teams, these smaller groups can have hub capabilities to keep track of their projects and tasks as a group and in the process learn the value of Office 365 capabilities which will become an integral part of their group as they expand and grow!

The features involved with the free version of Microsoft Teams include:

  • Unlimited chat messages and search
  • Built-in audio and video calling for groups and individuals alike, while also having accessibility to full team meetups!
  • 10 GB of team file storage plus additional 2GB per person for personal storage.
  • Integrated, real-time content creation with Office Online apps, including built-in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • Unlimited app integration with 140+ business apps to choose from- including Adobe, Evernote, and Trello.
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with anyone inside or outside the organization, backed by Microsoft’s secure, global infrastructure.

Im sure you are wondering whether you are eligible to use such a powerful program?

Any person with any corporate or consumer email address can sign up for Teams as soon as today! If you do not have access to the paid Office 365 account already, then you will have access to the free version of Teams. However if you do have an active paid subscription to Office 365, you will be routed to a managed experience for their existing tenant.

This free Teams experience is a great introductory to the very powerful management capabilities that Office 365 has to offer. The paid version of Teams features everything involved with the free version plus:

  • Additional Storage
  • Enterprise Security and Compliance
  • The ability to be used for the whole organization regardless of size.
  •  Exchange email hosting and custom email domain.
  • OneDrive, SharePoint, Planner, Yammer and more.
  • 1 TB file storage.
  • Scheduled Meetings.
  • Meeting recordings- available with Microsoft Stream.

When it comes to Security and Compliance:

  • Enforced Multi-factor authentication for all users
  • Single sign-on to all business apps and services.
  • Advanced auditing and reporting.

The Office 365 Business Essentials, which is the step up from the free version of Teams is 5$ user/month for a whole lot more in terms of capabilities and user management.

Microsoft’s release of Teams as a free version is a must for groups and small businesses in order to manage and efficiently work towards desired goals. Whether your a small business or group, or a large corporation, Microsoft Office 365 has the options and the essentials needed to accomplish tasks on such scales. Don’t hesitate to give Teams a try and decide for yourself!

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Windows new update helps fix Intel’s downgrade

Big news hits the computer, updates sent out recently for Windows 10 are causing big problems.

Back on January 2nd, there was an announcement that Intel CPUs were having some serious problems in regards to its security vulnerabilities and that these issues stemmed from features of the CPU that was essential for performance. This issue was named Spectre. However there was another issue Intel users faced, and that was named Meltdown, which was essentially because a patch for Spectre would result in a slowing of the processors. That is exactly what the “solution” did.

Intel noted that the patch did indeed slow down processors, and saw that benchmark results were as significant as a 25%  drop in performance. The problems didn’t stop there.

Problems arose in the patch that was supposed to help. The patch resulted in some processors booting more often than they should, and generally without much any warning at all. Last week Intel announced a solution to the reboot issues, but it only affected some older processors.

So, that brings us to the current time. Intel has admitted that it’s latest patch for Spectre was basically worse than the bug it was made to fix. As a response, Windows has realeased an out-of-band patch for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. This patch will disable the fix for Spectre variant 2. If you are experiencing the problem, you will need to manually download the update, as it is not automatic yet. You can find the link here.

Microsoft’s latest windows program update should stop the rebooting until Intel gets their game together and provides a proper update.

Check out the link and get your computer back in a somewhat working manner, then keep an eye out for the proper patch! It’s amazing how much heat Intel has been accumulating lately. Hopefully the future bodes a different story.


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Exchange Online Changes Incoming

User sending an e-mail text with attachments using an e-mail client, he is pressing the send button, collage and paper cut composition.

Shared and Resource Mailbox

On June 21st the Microsoft Exchange Team had announced on their blog that they will be “correcting” the way their newly created shared and resource mailboxes would function, also properly fixing the currently existing mailboxes as well.

From 100GB to 50GB

When Microsoft says “fixing” they are referring to a problem that has been going on for a while now but had not been given any attention. What they said, is that when users created shared and resource mailboxes, under their documentation, the mailboxes that were created should only have been 50GB. However it was noticed that for many users, instead of the 50GB boxes, they were granted 100GB boxes by accident. If users wanted access to the 100GB boxes, they were supposed to have had to gain access through a license.

Despite Microsoft’s documentation stating this, their system would automatically assign the larger storage capacity, so now they are addressing this problem and correcting it so that newly created shared and resource mailboxes will be 50GB unless a license is acquired for the 100GB box.

When will this correction take effect?

As stated by the Microsoft Exchange Team, near the end of July these corrections will take effect. If you require more capacity than 50GB you can acquire the Exchange Online Plan 2 and it will quickly reassign your mailbox to 100GB of space.


Microsoft has posted a FAQ for the many questions that are undoubtedly racing through your mind that may involve unique circumstances and the like. Click on this link and you will be take to the FAQ that was posted so you can better understand where you sit once this correction comes into effect.

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