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Keeping Your Children Safe Online

One of the gifts of technology is the internet.

Yet it is also a dangerous place for users, especially children. In fact, research has shown that one-fifth of children who use the internet have been sexually solicited at one point or the order in their lives. The majority of the teens who go online have also been contacted by a stranger.

Although, it is virtually impossible to keep your kids off the internet due to the number of devices out there that offer internet access. In addition, kids are more tech-savvy today than they were in the past, and the ability to supervise and track every second they spend on the internet is virtually impossible. However, online safety for kids is possible. Here are a few tips that can help.

  • Have a Conversation with Your Child: 
    The first step to online safety is to have a heart to heart discussion with your kid(s). Sit them down and have a discussion about the dangers of the internet. Nothing confrontation or dictatorial. Just an honest conversation about the dangers they face when they are careless on the internet. Let them know that their lots of unscrupulous elements out there who are willing to take advantage of them for personal gain. Make them get the message because it is critical that they do.
  • Keep the Computers Where You Can See Them: 
    Keep your computers in a common space where you frequent. This has the effect of keeping them in line. It works better than letting them have it all to themselves in their room. You should also make sure that the screen is not facing the wall or an angle that prevents you from seeing it easily.
  • Use time and usage limits: 
    This is very important in ensuring kids online safety. Let there be rules as to what your child can and can’t do when on the internet. Set restrictions as to where they can visit when on the internet. Enforce these rules all the time.
  • Limit the Amount of Personal Information: 
    Teach your kids to be wary of how much personal information they put out there. This means no phone numbers, addresses, or photos. Let them know it is harmful to speak with strangers online. They must avoid chat rooms. They should never upload or download content without your permission.
  • Get Support: 
    Get parental control. Most ISP (Internet Service Providers) offer a free parental control. This solution can be used to enforce your rules when you are not around. If you can’t get an option that suits your needs, you can opt for parental control software that provides the kind of control you want. One of such software is the Net Nanny. It lets you limit content accessed and sets time limits on your device. You could also try a more advanced solution like Circle with Disney. This solution allows you to pause and limit Wi-Fi while monitoring time and content on individual apps.


Kids’ online safety is a necessity. All you need is to follow the detailed tips listed above in order to ensure that your kids do not become vulnerable to the negative impact of the internet in our present world.

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