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Virtualize Your Data

Virtualization can be a powerful tool for companies that want to reduce their costs and increase their efficiency. One of the biggest benefits of virtualization is that it allows you to combine multiple servers into a single host, which reduces hardware costs. It’s also good for people who need more flexibility in their work environments, whether that means sitting at home or working remotely from other locations. 

Let RE2 Technology Consultants assist you in finding the perfect money-saving virtualization solutions for your business!

Improve the Way
You Do Business.

Virtualization is a technology that creates a virtual version of a physical device. It’s used in many industries, including IT, manufacturing, education, and more!

We can virtualize many different aspects of your business including hardware, software, network services and more!

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is the process of replacing physical desktops with virtual desktops, which are hosted on a server and accessed remotely by users. Because they can be centrally managed, it’s easier to maintain and update these environments than traditional PCs. Desktop virtualization also reduces costs because you don’t have to buy new hardware as often. 

RE2 Technology Consultants can help you manage your virtual desktops to keep your business running smooth.

Application & Software Virtualization

Application and software virtualization goes one step further. It allows you to run multiple applications on a single host computer, even if they are from different operating systems. We can help increase the flexibility and agility in server deployment and migration across physical and virtual environments and help you cut costs at the same time.

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization allows multiple virtual networks to be created on a single physical network. This allows multiple isolated and secure networks to be created and deleted as needed, allowing for easy segmentation of critical systems, departments or applications.

RE2 Tech will assist in the implementation of a virtual network for your business with security and productivity in mind. 

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization is a method of storing and organizing information in a way that allows it to be shared between different systems. This allows you to use one set of physical storage devices to store data for multiple applications, users, and systems. Our team can help you find and implement the best storage options for your industry.