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RE2 Technology Consultants can help augment your current IT Service. We can offer new ideas and IT solutions to enhance your companies information technology infrastructure.

Hackers are getting smarter by the second, don’t leave your business information and data vulnerable! We make sure your information, data, and users are secure.

At RE2 Tech, we can provide the applications that your business needs on a cloud based infrastructure.

PCI and HIPAA Compliance is a very important aspect of your business and RE2 Technology Consultants can help make sure you’re not in violation of the laws.

Virtualization allows you to consolidate several physical servers into one computer, which saves money and energy! We work with Hyper-V and VMware, as well as disaster recovery and data backups.

We provide backup monitoring as well as system security monitoring. We don’t just come in and do the normal “IT Support”. We get to know and understand what you and your business’ system needs are.

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