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October is National Cyber Security Month!

Cyber Safety

The world has changed so much in the past 10 years with our internet use, whether email, social media, financial, or shopping, we expose ourselves to cyber-attacks. Are you being cybersafe? Here are a few ways to tell if you are risking your cyber security.

5 Online Actions That Are Dangerous

  • Clicking on email attachments from unknown senders
  • Installing apps not in the App Store
  • When you turn off security tools
  • Messages from unknown people soliciting gambling or other dicey sites
  • Opening up HTML or Plain-text emails

5 Ways To Maximize Your Protection

  • Choose strong and difficult passwords.
    • Using a combination of numbers, symbols, and a combination of upper and lower-case letters to increase the difficulty of the password.
  • Enable 2-step Verification of passwords.
    • Using this method of logging adds an extra level of security by needing to get a code through an app, email, text, or phone call.
  • Keep your Operating System up to date.
    • Sometimes your security is compromised when the computer is not up to date allowing for holes flaws to be found.
  • Don’t open suspicious Emails and offers.
    • Having a spam filter in your email will help with get rid of emails you do not want to see or did not sign up for.
  • Check for Viruses regularly.
    • Run a virus check and malware scan once a month will help keep you and your computer full of your information safe.

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