With all the needs for remote access for working from home or remotely we thought we can help you out with some ideas that can make your life a little easier to do so.  Some of these options are free or low cost to keep your office running. 

1. Webex is now offering free meetings up to 50 people.   This allows you to remotely have video conferences and still interact with people face to face in a more human interaction. https://www.webex.com/free-video-conferencing.html

2. If you are needing to have interactive documents Microsoft office has a free version and as an alternative Google Docs is what I am writing this article on.


3. For working from home and needing to use phone services google voice can be a good alternative that you can forward your desk phone to.  Using a headset and you can do all this from your computer. https://support.google.com/voice/answer/115100N

4.Needing to have a creative place to draw your whiteboards work collaboratively and have a product that can help with project management check out Trello. https://trello.com

5. Finally if all you are trying to work hard and need tech support we are here to help you out with setup of any of these products and services.  Say your camera is not working or your audio is broken, we can fix that most of the time remotely and very quickly. https://re2tech.com


We hope this can give you the right tools for your online remote business needs and hope the world is able to adapt and overcome the challenges of the epidemic that is currently being faced. 

Stay safe and make sure to be following the guidelines from the CDC. 


Your IT team at RE2 Technology Consultants Inc.