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The Cost Of GDPR

March 25th halting the march of some companies   As the GDPR marches forward there has been alot of talk about it’s affects on the smaller companies that don’t have the capabilities to rework their entire infrastructure of their products and systems.  Europe’s new data protection law has seen many companies decide to call it […]

GDPR Inbound

What is the GDPR and who does it affect? As of late there has been quit alot of mention about the “GDPR” across business, technology and government articles, mentioning how the GDPR will turn the tech world and all things consumer information on it’s head. But what does that actually mean? It’s important to know […]

The Infinite Scroll

Void Filled Screen Distractions are a drag, but sometimes, they are a scroll. We have screens in almost every location we look, to provide us with information of some sort, be it advertisements or current event updates. Because of this, we as a society have become strongly attune to screens and involved with the information […]

Coding and technology: Chance the Rapper showing our young how to get ahead

This past December , Chance the Rapper, the Chicago based Rapper known for his dedication to the younger generations and their success, made a visit to some unsuspecting youth. The famous rapper made a visit to Adam Clayton Powell Paideia Acadamy with a goal in mind. Chance wanted to express the possibilities technology held for […]