The Best Phones of 2022 for Work and Play

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Some Top Phone Choices in 2022

Keeping Your Life Close at Hand With Your Phone

Most everyone uses a phone for one thing or another and you want to have the best available in 2022. Whether you use your phone for work, to check in with your kids or your parents, take notes for classes, or film scenes for your next movie, your life is in your hands when you hold your phone. You don’t give a second thought to simple texting and picture taking, but those things, too, are improved with most new phones. Check out some of the best phones for 2022 that offer better apps and more capabilities in an effort to make your life easier.

Best Android Phones for 2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Pros: This adorable little phone has been voted best foldable. The design has a retro two-tone look in cream and dark gray. It fits into a pocket or makeup bag comfortably. It is among the most budget friendly of its type.

Cons: Camera wise, it will totally capture that perfect sunset, but the quality is not the absolute best. If you’re not trying to sell your photos to a travel mag, it will be more than fine.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Pros: This beauty has that retro two-tone look in cream and blush. It has a Pixel camera (hence the name). Quality of display is one of the best you’ll find in an android.

Cons: Can seem a little bulky. Slow to charge, so hope you don’t need it in a hurry.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Pros: This gem is revered for being best all-round. All of its capabilities come in at above average. Users are happy with what they get for the modest price.’

Cons: The body is not as sturdy as many folks need. Dropping it a few times could be its demise.

Best Apple Phones for 2022

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Pros: Rated highest by some users. Battery has been upgraded to last up to 28 hours, depending on how you use it. Front and back camera. Somewhat upgraded overall camera.

Cons: Film makers looking for perfection might want to look elsewhere. Your movie can still be good but not the best quality. The screen has not been significantly upgraded.

iPhone 12 Mini

Pros: Smaller than the average iPhone. Better than average display for such a small screen. Easier to hold than some iPhones.

Cons: Battery life is so-so. Storage might not be enough if you like to save a lot of pictures.

iPhone 12

Pros: Great affordability for 5G. MagSafe connectivity. OLED display on command. Comfortable, as old favorites often are.

Cons: Average battery life (most iPhone batteries have been significantly upgraded, but not this one). Basically, the same camera you’ve been used to with this model.

Regardless of why and how you use your phone, the changes for 2022 add a whole new dimension to Apple and Android devices with new innovative ideas to enhance most everyone’s life.

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