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How to Secure Your Online Presence

As technology advances, so does the way cybercriminals operate. When it comes to safeguarding your online presence, there are a few key things you can do. 1) Change Your Password Often Passwords play an integral part in securing your online presence, mainly if they’re recycled between accounts. The longer you use one password on multiple

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Cyber Safety

October is National Cyber Security Month!

The world has changed so much in the past 10 years with our internet use, whether email, social media, financial, or shopping, we expose ourselves to cyber-attacks. Are you being cybersafe? Here are a few ways to tell if you are risking your cyber security. 5 Online Actions That Are Dangerous Clicking on email attachments

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School Funding Gone Missing Due to Lack of Cybersecurity

Atlantic City Schools Missing Funds Galloway Schools Lacking Cyber Security Many school district employees, including substitute teachers, totaling near 800 people were affected by a recent cybersecurity incident. This incident involved a missing amount of funds, totaling around $200,000.  As of September 27th, the Galloway School districts became aware of two fraudulent wire transfers, each

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Sextortion Scams Fueled by Passwords

Some online hackers have scored a large sum of cash after scamming victims with their passwords We all do it. We open our email and see a message from someone or something familiar, however it seems out of nowhere and the topic line does not make a whole lot of sense. We want to open

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LTE Flaw Invites Hackers

LTE (Long Term Evolution) Recently there has been talk of hackers finding a way in which they can see through your eyes when it comes to your cell phone and websites your browsing.  But how is this accomplished? Through a recently discovered flaw in the Long Term Evolution (LTE) Network. What is LTE? LTE is

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VPN, virtual private network

VPNFilter Malware worse than we thought

  Recently we created an article giving a detailed explanation on a current threat facing over 500,000 devices, known as the VPNFilter malware.This malware had become a prominent issue fast and had been tied to an origin in Russia. Initially it was thought that resetting your homes router and modem would address the problem, but

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Android hacked and crypto mined

Android Defenses Breached On to some more crypto-hacker news, Chinese researchers have found hackers to be turning internet connections into tools for creating caches of the crypto coin Monero. The devices that have been recognized as being used in this manner are Android phones and TV’s. Thus far 7000 devices in Chine have been hacked

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Man attempts to sue T-mobile because of cryptocurrency

The Fall of a Crypto Exchanger Cryptocurrencies have been gaining momentum in the last few years as an alternative means of currency. However due to the means by which cryptocurrencies exist, they are susceptible to abuse and have been many time en-counting. Many news posts and articles lately involve the same old story of hackers

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Cisco has a severe VPN bug, Patch immediately!

This just in, Cisco, the “worldwide leader in IT and networking”  has a severe but, that has been rated a “10 out of 10” by a security researcher. The bug has to do with Cisco’s ASA software (Adaptive security Appliance). This bug is identified as a severe double-free vulnerability that is located in the Secure

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