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Not sure if your company has some loopholes in its cyber security? Let us test it for you!

Recently with the more and more hacking news coverage, people are becoming increasingly worries about their cyber security. With reason to be worried, there are businesses hiring ethical hackers to test their systems and discover any loopholes that may be present. In India, there is a new platform startup that’s become increasingly popular. An ethical […]

Internet crime on the rise

Internet crime continues to be a problem In 2016 the financial loss from cybercrime in the U.S. exceeded the $1.3 billion mark. According to a report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, this is a rise of 24 percent. The 2016 internet crime report examined the most prevalent and damaging forms […]

Massive cyberattack hits Europe with widespread ransom demands

Ransomware strikes again! Another wave of powerful cyberattacks hit Europe and beyond last Tuesday in a possible reprise of the widespread ransom assault in May. A Russian oil giant, a Danish shipping and energy conglomerate, and Ukrainian government ministries were part of those affected. Even the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was affected […]

Microsoft warns of devastating cyberattacks

Microsoft prepares for the worst! Last month’s WannaCry ransomeware outbreak seemed to be just a warning shot for what is to come. On June 13th, Microsoft released critical security updates to block another wave of attacks. The patches are even available for unsupported systems like Windows XP and Server 2003. If you are unfamiliar with […]