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Intel patches security flaw that has gone unnoticed for 7 years!

For the last seven years, a large amount of Intel workstation and server chips have contained a security flaw that could be used to remotely control and infect systems with spyware. The flaw is in Intel’s Active Management Technology(AMT), Standard Manageability(ISM) and Small Buisness Technology(SBT) firmware versions 6 to 11.6. The security hole allows an

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Why do companies need us!

IT Support   Why do you buy insurance?   The reason is risk management! Risk management and thought process is a core function at RE2TECH.  We do not want you wondering why your backup failed or your system is not working and now you have your entire company sitting idle while you are not able to

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Data storage on an atomic scale

Someday we may not need to worry about the amount of data storage we have. Dutch scientists, at the technical university of Delft, have come up with a means of storing data on an atomic scale. With this new innovation, each atom represents a bit. The Dutch scientists have made 1 kilobyte of data storage

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Wi-fi will use 10,000 times less power in the future

A new form of Wi-Fi will be taking the place of current means of making Wi-Fi happen. Currently all forms of Wi-Fi devices have both a digital baseband and an analog RF. You might be asking yourself why would we still use analog technology. While we currently still need to use an analog RF to

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