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Yesterday Google issued a statement that they will be making changes to how kids can view videos, after the US Federal Trade Commission hit Google with some new rules and slapped them with $170 million fine due to not following rules when it comes to privacy of child. To date this fine is the largest ever given for violations of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

The CEO and some large channel creators, like Hank Green and the Father from Ryan’s Toy Review have stated that the most important thing is to improve children’s safety on YouTube. Some say that even giving a large fine isn’t enough, since based on Google’s performance last year, $170 million was about two days’ worth of profit for them. Andrew Smith from FTC states that it goes farther than the $170 million dollars, it will start the battle for children’s privacy; yesterday the deal settled the claims that YouTube was collecting personal info from children without the consent of the parents. It is different this time FTC is going after a whole platform verses someone who posts the videos, leaving the website in charge of the people posting videos and organizing videos correctly.

What Parents need to know.

Kids and parents may not even notice a dramatic change to Video viewing platform besides not seeing comments and receiving notifications, but now parents won’t need to worry about data collected or running the risk of seeing ads because they will no longer be while watching kids content. They will also be investing more money into the app and reviewing standards for what channels can be a part of Kids YouTube; they also added YouTube Kids to the web verses offering only the app. Hopefully YouTube actions will lead other general audience Websites to create a Kid-safe zone.


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