Your New Movie Streaming Service- Youtube

Youtube, everyone’s favorite online source for how-to tutorials and parkour stunts, among many other odd human actions and interactions. This online service has now expanded it’s capabilities, providing the viewing of Hollywood movies, for free, with Ads. 

This transition into Hollywood movie showings was a silent action, resulting in a slow pickup by Youtube users. Some of the current movies you can view free, that are Ad-supported are “The Terminator” and “Legally Blonde”. The movies that users have access to can be found under the “movie” section of Youtube and will give you a list of free feature-length films. This feature started in October, and since the section of the site was often used for selling movies and shows for years before, the incorporation of free movies is still a new understanding to many. 

Youtube executives saw the opportunity as a win-win, by providing another means by which advertising could be used, satisfying many of their corporate partners, while also bringing in an incentive for users to actually view these Ads. Youtube further says that the direction this goes in the future will depend on the studios and their accommodation to the growing digital streaming services that are already widely available. It is exactly because of the current uncertainty of studios, that there are only around 100 videos that can be viewed with the Ad-supported setup.  

Youtubes delve into this market of ad-supported video-on-demand is a market that already has a few big competitors, and heats up the opportunity for change within the market. As more big names and apps enter this scene, we can expect bigger innovations in the way things are run, in order for specific companies to stand out from the rest. 

The new venture that Youtube has bitten into could prove for a large increase in their customer base, and ultimately a large increase in their revenue each year. It will be interesting to see where this takes Youtube and its advertising tendencies. Will the advertisements ease back in other forms of videos with the demand being taken over by the movie streaming services? 

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