Today, you might think you’re secure online, but the chances of that being true are very slim. The problem with what we know about cyber-security is not that we remain illiterate on the topic, it is that we assume we know what we are doing. The Pew Research Center located in Washington D.C. did some research to see just how much Americans know about internet security.

The pew report which was based on an online survey done between June 17th and June 27th of 2016, on 1,055 U.S. internet users aged 18 and older, found that the people who surveyed only really knew information about two different points. One was passwords. Most were able to identify that something like “HT!23g@” was a better more secure password then “123456”. The survey however did not ask whether respondents actually refrained from using passwords like 123456 for any accounts.

Also, a majority of the survey takers knew about the risked posed by public wifi. They agreed that just having a network password protected doesn’t mean it will be safe for activities like online banking or something similar.

About a third of the survey respondents knew that a website starting with “Https” means that the site is encrypted, Meaning that the site would prevent people on the same network from spying on your traffic. About 13% knew that a VPN routes all of your internet traffic over a link that is encrypted, which further improves your security on public wifi.

The bad news is that only about 50% of people who took the survey could identify a phishing attack designed to steal your username and passwords at a fake site. Only 50% of the people knew that disabling a smartphone’s GPS won’t make your phone stop tracking your location.

This just shows that there is a lot of things people don’t really know about the internet and how it works. Security is becoming more and more complex, and even more confusing to the general public, and people tend to think they know what they are doing. This is the main problem, and people should really be more concerned about this type of thing.

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