Windows Sandbox Works Around Untrusted Software

Have you ever been in a predicament where you have downloaded some software, but then a pop-up arrives and says “we can’t identify who this is, or what it does” and suddenly your uncertain if your about to put yourself at risk? Welcome to the club. 

Microsoft has noticed this precarious situation and created a workaround for such scenarios. Utilizing Microsoft Sandbox, you are now able to run untrusted software without fear of compromise to your PC. This feature is available for Windows 10 users and will essentially create a playground area where you can access software and test it to ensure its validity, hence the name “Sandbox”. This “lightweight virtual machine” for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise is built using the same technology that powers the Windows Containers, but without the need for Windows Servers. 

Windows Sandbox is built directly into Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise build 18305 or later, and the space requirements are minimal, being only 4GB of RAM and 1GB of disk space! Once a sandbox instance is created, it is basically treated as a clean installation of Windows, the bare minimum and only requires 100MB of hard drive space. The way you use Sandbox is a cinch as well, just run the instance, open the Pandora’s box of software and see the results! When your finished, simply close Sandbox and resume your usual activity!

The incorporation of a Sandbox function on Windows will help provide a great sense of security for the users, and help quickly resolve potential problems. 

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