Big news hits the computer, updates sent out recently for Windows 10 are causing big problems.

Back on January 2nd, there was an announcement that Intel CPUs were having some serious problems in regards to its security vulnerabilities and that these issues stemmed from features of the CPU that was essential for performance. This issue was named Spectre. However there was another issue Intel users faced, and that was named Meltdown, which was essentially because a patch for Spectre would result in a slowing of the processors. That is exactly what the “solution” did.

Intel noted that the patch did indeed slow down processors, and saw that benchmark results were as significant as a 25%  drop in performance. The problems didn’t stop there.

Problems arose in the patch that was supposed to help. The patch resulted in some processors booting more often than they should, and generally without much any warning at all. Last week Intel announced a solution to the reboot issues, but it only affected some older processors.

So, that brings us to the current time. Intel has admitted that it’s latest patch for Spectre was basically worse than the bug it was made to fix. As a response, Windows has realeased an out-of-band patch for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. This patch will disable the fix for Spectre variant 2. If you are experiencing the problem, you will need to manually download the update, as it is not automatic yet. You can find the link here.

Microsoft’s latest windows program update should stop the rebooting until Intel gets their game together and provides a proper update.

Check out the link and get your computer back in a somewhat working manner, then keep an eye out for the proper patch! It’s amazing how much heat Intel has been accumulating lately. Hopefully the future bodes a different story.


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