Windows 10 seems to be learning how to avoid problematic updates. A recently published page on the Microsoft support site describes what Windows will do in the event of a recent update causing a boot failure. First, Windows will uninstall the recently updated software and roll-back to a configuration that has worked before. It will then, block the removed update for 30 days.

This approach will be taken for driver updates as well as the regular monthly updates. It’s normal for Microsoft to block updates like these to prevent them from being distributed to other resources after the issues have been found. Blocking the update will allow the proper amount of time for a fix to be released. Most of the time, when update issues are discovered, they are patched and updated in three to seven days.

Microsoft hasn’t made it clear whether this will happen during the semi-annual feature upgrades. They usually refer to these as feature upgrades, whereas the publication only refers to updates. The tool that Windows utilizes to install feature upgrades is separate from the update installation tool, so we believe that nothing has changed for the semi-annual upgrades.

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Image Credit: Microsoft