Windows 10 October Update Detail Breakdown

Windows 10 has released their newest update just in time for October. As per the past updates,  we will breakdown the core elements of the update so that you can make the best use of the optimizations and new incorporation’s! 

Before We Start

Before breaking down the details, we thought it would be good to remind some of the newcomers what a Windows update is and how it works! 

What it is

The Windows 10 update for October 2018 is the second and final large update for the Window’s operating system for this year. What this involves is aspects like security and privacy enhancements and generally new features and optimizations. 

How do you Acquire the Update?

There are generally two ways to get these Operating System Updates. The main way is through automatic updates, which most systems are set up for as off the bat. The second way is to manually download the update from the Windows Update panel that is on the Operating system already. Just click update, and your computer will do the rest! 

What if you don’t want the update?

While you may delay the update, there isn’t a way to completely stop it. If your version of Windows is two years old, the system will automatically update without your say so. Otherwise, if you have a more recent version, you may delay the update in the Windows Update “settings” tab. 

The Details!

Alright so now let’s break into the details of this update, so you can use everything available to you! 

One of the largest incorporation’s in this update is Window’s new feature the “Your Phone App” which allows for direct communication between your Android Phone and Windows 10 Operating system, with no cords or emails necessary! For further details on this feature alone, click on the following link for our recent article on it! 

Apps on your computer

Virtual Keyboards! 

Microsoft has integrated a new way to use they keyboard…with a mouse!  The SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard that predictive text capabilities to speed up your message typing…or mouse swiging, allowing for easy and intuitive messaging! The AI incorporated with the SwiftKey keyboard has machine learning, autocorrect, and dramatic improvements to English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. 

Clipboard Revision

The clipboard is now floating in the sky! Just kidding, however Microsoft has brought Clipboard to the cloud, and is now called “Cloud Clipboard”. This will let you take text from one PC and place is on another, along with enhanced history functionality and the ability to pin frequently pasted items, which can also be synced across machines. 

To interact with this new clipboard press the following keys

Windows Key + V

New Emojis!

Get ready for this, there are now… 157 NEW EMOJI! These emojis range from laptops to bumble bees, heck there is even space cats, now you can really tell your space cat story with images! 

To take a gander at all the Emoji available to your army of emotions, press the following keys:

Windows Key + Full Stop Key

Improved Search Engines

Searching on the Windows desktop has been changed to include big previews for files, documents, emails, and contacts. There is also now a “recently accessed files” section that pops up when you search for Word or another app. 

Whats Left

That about wraps it up for most of the newest and most exciting features of the update, but we will list off the remaining changes and updates below! 

  • Auto blocking of Videos in Edge
  • 3D models and Inking in Word and PowerPoint
  • Replacement of the Snipping Tool with Snip & Sketch
  • Faster Updates
  • Improves Privacy Controls

We think there are some neat alterations and additions in this update, what about you? 

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