Hacking comes in a variety of forms, and most are accomplished through connecting to your network directly in some way. However DNS hacking is a form of hijacking that is indirect but can have huge direct consequences.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. The DNS is your known name, this is something that would show up when you google a word or phrase that would involve this name. Its basically your public listing on the internet.

DNS hijacking takes your DNS functions and interrupts the flow, so instead of a possible customer traveling to your site, they may get routed to a different site/page that doesn’t actually serve your purpose. This form of hacking can completely disrupt an online service. The hacker intercepts the route to your site and inserts a new path to follow. This could mean no one who wants your services can get the information they need, and bring a business to an abrupt halt.

Persons who are transferred to a false site could actually become at risk as well, for their information could become identified.

So how do you help protect yourself from this form of attack? We at Re2tech could ensure the domain registrar is a multi-factor authentication domain. ¬†This would require anyone attempting to change a site’s DNS settings to have access to a form of authenticator, which they wouldn’t have unless they are actually authorized to have that level of access. Another precaution could be to ‘lock’ your DNS, which would make it so no one could change the DNS unless the registrar called a sites administration directly to get approval.

DNS hijacking can be a huge inconvenience and possible threat to customers, so take the time to implement precautions and ensure a stronger online security! Give Re2tech a call today and let us help you with your technology needs and online security! We may be a small business but that allows us to have flexibility to support our top class services and knowledge of a large enterprise!