WannaCry 2.0 is a new form of ransomware that is affecting Windows computers around the world. Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts all your data on your PC, and the only way to unlock it is to completely erase your hard drive or pay a ransom to the hacker.
If you have a mac, you are safe from this particular version but that does not mean you are completely safe from ransomware or other types of malware all together. As of right now Macs are gaining popularity, but windows remains the most popular of the two operating systems. Your average Mac user¬†believes they are immune to picking up any sort of virus on their computer. It is true that a Mac user is less likely to attract some sort of malware or virus, but this is only because windows remains the most popular. Hackers focus on windows users because it makes the most sense. If they want to maximize their profits or data gathered, it only makes sense for them to attack the most popular OS. This doesn’t mean Macs are safe from viruses and malware, it just means it is less likely. With that in mind, you still should be very careful of what your clicking on and downloading.
Here at Re2 Tech, we have lots of experience dealing with these sorts of things. If you are ever effected with a virus or malware, reach out to us if you need help taking care of the problem. We are here to help.