Vulnerability Leaves Cisco Routers Exposed.

Cisco has issued a security alert, warning users of a very serious attack concerning three models of devices. It has been given a 9.8/10 on the severity rating scale. The weakness can be tracked on Cisco’s website here.

This attack can be used over the internet and bypasses administrator authentication. This means anyone can break in and make changes that you did not authorize.

Cisco devices RV110W, RV130W, and RV215W were left vulnerable. These models are used in small businesses and households, which means many them will remain unprotected due to a lack of I.T. personnel.

Fortunately, Cisco has released a fix for this issue. However, the announcement of the vulnerability has sent hackers into go-mode. There have been reported over 12,000 of these devices online, a lot of them being in the US and Canada, and these devices are now being scanned for and attacked.

If you own one of these devices, contact us to save your data and privacy.

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