Twitter is alerting vine users that their email addresses and in some cases phone numbers were exposed due to a bug. Because of this they are advising users to be wary of any emails from unknown senders.

According to Twitter, the bug was only available for 24 hours before being patched up and they don’t believe any of the data was misused during this time. Also this was not a data breach or hack. They say it was made available because of certain circumstances.

According to, Twitter declined to comment on the specifics of the bug and what made the data come about. But we do know that the data that was exposed wasn’t exposed to the world wide web, instead you would have had to use an API(application program interface) to access said information.

Note that this does not effect anyone’s passwords. This also only effected Vine users. Any email sent regarding the matter should come from


Just another example of why internet security is so important.