Recently made public, Amazon, the online consumer shopping cart giant, wants to enhance their delivery functionality by allowing the delivery driver to enter your home and drop of your package if your not around.

You read that right. Amazon is going to incorporate an option for Prime members that involves the installation of a device known as the “Cloud Cam”. The Cloud Cam is apart of a bundle that also involves a smart lock on your door, as well as an app. This bundle will cost you 250$, while the option to buy the camera alone is 120$. The Cloud Cam features two-way audio, as well as night vision.

How this service would work, is were a delivery to arrive at your home with no one around, the delivery driver could enter their access code into the smart lock. This access code does not give the delivery driver access to the home, rather initializes the cloud cam functionality. Once the code is entered, the Cloud Cam is then activated and starts recording and a verification process begins, ensuring the delivery driver is correct, as well as there at the correct time, and has the correct package. Once those aspects are verified, the door will unlock and the delivery driver will be recorded through the entire process of dropping the package off in the home.

Obviously this has some uncomfortable aspects to it. Allowing a stranger into your sanctuary and comfort of your families home. Amazon ensures this is meant to offer the highest form of delivery service and that the Cloud Cam package should ease the nerves. Apparently the Cloud Cam can be watched at any point to ensure nothing suspicious occurs. Amazon says in the off chance something does occur, you can call customer service and file a claim and Amazon will work with you to sort the situation. This form of delivery service may work well with businesses or things of the sort to enhance productivity and services.

This may be the future of delivery services, do you approve?