The United States after long debate is reportedly moving forward with plants to separate its military focused Cyber Command branch from the National Security Agency. According to the Associated Press, the changes should come within the coming weeks.

Cyber Command has been under the same command as the NSA since 2009. But these two operate in different ways: The NSA focuses on electronic intelligence gathering while Cyber Command focuses on digital warfare. These two roles have caused tension, especially in the battle against ISIS, according to the Associated Press.

cyber command

Replacing Admiral Michael Rogers, who also leads the NSA, would be Army Lt. Gen. William Mayville. He will reportedly be nominated the lead Cyber Command. Leadership of the NSA could be turned over to a civilian.

Last year a plan for the split was sent to President Obama by then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter. It seems now that the Drumpf Administration is going to moving ahead with said plans. Further details are still being worked out.

This seems to be a good thing. Maybe it’s just the beginning of more changes in cyber security at the government level in the near future. We’ve all seen the influx of hacks and ransomware hitting lately. This could be just the beginning.