Just recently, researchers at IMDEA Networks in collaboration with 18 partner organizations, have developed a new technology for mobile radio access that goes with mm-wave (Millimeter-wave) frequencies. This is a highly promising solution for efficient, high capacity data delivery.

This new system exploits frequencies above 10 GHz. Forms of communication at this level pose new unique challenges, on one side, mm-wave systems reach a higher magnitude order level allowing higher processing of data rates at lowering frequencies. However currently this system experiences a strong variation in channel quality from the high propagation loss as well as unfavorable atmospheric absorption. The new questions that are being asked, is how will these new challenges be overcome while keeping the astounding aspects of this system.

This new mm-wave system is apart of the mmMagic solution radio system concept, that is connected to mobile broadband frequencies. This system targets operation in wide-contiguous bands. If this new system can overcome the arising challenges, the anticipated end-user and traffic demands of networks during the estimated year 2020 time frame could become much less of a worry than earlier thought.

One of the main attractions about this system is its combination of antenna and beamforming technology. The antenna addressing important practical constraints for real deployment such as size, cost and complexity. The validity of the system design has already been under rigorous trials. There has been recording of effectiveness and real channel conditions having success.

This could be the start of the new 5G era, an improved 5G! Lets get excited folks!

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