Apparently Equifax isn’t the only one having issues with the security of their website.  TransUnion’s website has been leading unsuspecting costumers to a false Flash update as well.

A researcher from AV provider Malwarebytes has stated that is sending visitors to fraudulent update pages and other forms of malicious sites. Just like Equifax, TransUnion seems to be at the mercy of Adware and Malware. If the false Flash update is clicked on it can lead to infecting computers with an unpatched browser or browser plugins.

TransUnion has since addressed the issue and declared the issue is resolved on the specific site, while investigations of their other sites are in the process.

It is believed the reason this issue has come to rise is the fireclick.js JavaScript that has been in use by both Equifax and TransUnion. Fireclick.jk pulls content from a long chain of pages starting with those hosted by,, and Depending on the visitors’ IP address, browsers generally wind up visiting pages that deliver false updates and the like. It is presumed that is where the issues arise, however no confirmation of that has been achieved yet.

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