As time goes by so too does the improvements in technology. I’m certain most of you have heard or noticed that technology skyrocketed upward through our lives. The technological advancements made in the past ten years alone have been profound, grand achievements that show a promising, yet possible terrifying future for the world.

We often see technology news and technology articles that tend to be counter parts. News headlines like “Technology will surpass the human race” and Technology will save the human race” are both in abundance.  These titles stem from the varying paths that are making headway in this technological boom.

On one hand we have advancements like robotics technology which could completely replace the need for human manufacturing jobs. This is both a blessing and a curse, for workers aren’t working in jobs that are hazardous to their health, however they won’t be working anymore at all. There are a wide range of people who have only known the work grind in manufacturing jobs, and without them, those people are basically starting from the beginning.

On the other hand we have technology that is integrating Eco friendly methods and sometimes completely self sustaining methods to technology. Most noticeably technology that involves the production of power. Many a places across the globe have turned off their nuclear plants or coal plants and switched to forms of power that do not have ill affects towards the earth and it’s inhabitants.

There are many many many more examples for both sides and will continue to be until the end of mankind. This is why there is such a stark difference between the idea of technology and it’s evolution. People have very little basis of security in relation to technology, we just can’t keep up. For example, society has only recently in the last couple years accepted the idea of video games as a normal part of entertainment. Scientific studies on their affects on people in both long term and short term only recently been making headway, but now virtual reality gear has broke into society and new branches of study groups are being formed to take a look at the psychological affects that are present when using such technology. Video games are the least prominent example where technology is eclipsing the speed at which humans can keep up.

In our recent article we covered some development of a program created to prevent and locate hackers before harm can be accomplished in a network. There are so many technological advancements being made each day, the standards are rising more and more and becoming more and more complex in some areas and more accessible in others.

The best thing we can do is pay attention to these developments and understand how each of these break through’s will affect our daily lives. Technology is a beautifully scary area, but ultimately we will decide what becomes the prominent path it takes.


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