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Distractions are a drag, but sometimes, they are a scroll. We have screens in almost every location we look, to provide us with information of some sort, be it advertisements or current event updates. Because of this, we as a society have become strongly attune to screens and involved with the information they hold. This constant attention to screens can most of the time result in hours and hours of our days being lost in the infinite scroll of websites like social media or stock exchanges, you name it.

As a realization of their creations, companies are starting to realize just how distracting their products can be and how hindering they may be in peoples daily lives. As a reaction to this understanding, Microsoft is attempting to help.

Microsoft is planning to release a free update to windows 10 operating systems that will keep the distractions at bay, and hopefully push people back onto track of what they need to get done. This update will be rolled out on Monday April 30th.

The update will involve something called “Focus Assist” which is a feature that enables workers to temporarily suspend notifications and other forms of distractions. An example would be suspension of social media updates and email updates, to keep your state of flow in-check. As a form of control with this function, users will be able to choose specific people or places and have those notifications come through normally, while filtering out all other notifications. Useful for work specific functionalities, or updates that are core to your everyday productivity.

Microsoft has stated that this update was inspired by the continual growth in numbers of office workers becoming distracted or interrupted, resulting in a large amount of task switching during the work hours and a reduction in accomplished tasks per/hour or day.

The update will also be featuring a “Timeline” function that will aim at helping to save time switching back to the important tasks. What this will do is have a easily retrievable list of past documents or unfinished works allowing for easier access and will include the past 30 days works/documents.

With so many applications and products attempting to gain our attention in a day, this may be a necessary path for our tech giants to go down. Google has even began implementing such features into their Gmail technology, allowing for AI to respond to emails and such to save time with automatic responses.

Technology is a great leap but also a large hinderance in some manners of our society, so it is imperative that we find a balance of sorts and not allow our technology to become equal in standing as the blood in our veins.

What do you think about our interaction with technology in our moderns times? Too much or not enough?

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