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T-mobile the next big company to have leaked customer information!

Recently reported by a security researcher, a T-mobile bug on their website exposed its customers personal information.

Due to a major flaw on T-mobiles website, hackers apparently had an easy access option to millions of customers’ personal information with only their phone number. Supposedly the bug was fixed on Friday once the security researcher brought the issue to T-mobiles attention.

The types of information that may have been breached is a customers e-mail address, account numbers, and phone’s IMSI, which is a unique identifier that is assigned to every device. However it’s important to note that there is no evidence that the information was used in any malicious manner.

Potential problems can however arise from the use of someones IMSI number which could allow someone to track the phones location and/or intercept calls, text messages and metadata. Generally these IMSI numbers are used by law enforcement to track cell-phones that belong to persons of interest or help locate missing persons.

Here we are again with possible problems with online security. Another reason to ensure your cyber security and effectiveness.

Give us a call at Re2tech today and let us ensure the validity of your network! Also if your a T-mobile user, just keep a more watchful eye on the functionality of your calls/messages. 

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Disqus breach. Hackers: 10 low security standards: 0

Here we are again folks, another article of a large breach in security, leaving multiple thousands in a state of possible vulnerability.

It was discovered that back in 2012, the same year Engadget used Disqus for comments,  hackers had claimed data from Disqus’ servers. A snapshot of usernames and the emails associated, dating back to 2007, as well as sign-up dates, and last login info and users of the 17.55mm text had been captured. Adding onto that, it seems that 1/3 of the passwords were also breached from those affected accounts, despite being hashed (SHA1)

Disqus learned of the hacking this past Thursday after Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned notified disqus that it had obtained a copy of the site’s disclosed information.

Apparently Hunt has also come across breaches for Bit.ly and Kickstarter, while stating he has three more to go.

If you have an account with any of above mentioned sites it would be wise to check on your vulnerable information and ensure all your things are accounted for.

Dont wait until your information is discovered by Have I Been Pwned, act now and give us a call about beefing up your security system! 

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Whole Foods credit card breach

Recently discovered by the Whole Foods company was the possibility that nine of its Bay Area locations had their credit card information exposed to hackers.

Customers who bought groceries at 56 stores through the country were unaffected by the breach.  However those who frequent the in-store table-service restaurants and taprooms at those locations may have had a breach in their credit card information. The main registers of the store were unaffected.

The breach in security was made public last week, along with the nationwide locations that were affected. The link to the site that shows affected stores is here.

Two San Francisco locations, three in the South Bay, and other parts of the Bay Area. Currently it is unclear how many customers were affected by the breach.

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Yahoos 2013 hack affected everyone!

Yahoo’s most known and infamous hack in history, is worse than initially thought.

According to Verizon, who acquired yahoo in June, its now known that all 3 billion users were affected at the time of the hack. No one got away. This is a huge upset in comparison to the initial damage report of 1 billion, that was disclosed years ago.

The hacked information was most all sensitive and private information of the users. Phone numbers, birth dates, security questions and answers, and “hashed”, also known as scrambled, passwords. After the recent investigation of Verizon while transitioning Yahoo, it was noted that the scramble function for Yahoo user’s passwords was very outdated and easily unscrambled, so account passwords were likely breached.

Yahoo is sending emails to those accounts previously thought of as unaffected by the hack back in 2013.

Four years later and we have discovered that a hack that was already known to be one of the worst in history, is now back in the limelight because it was actually much worse than initially reported. This is a prime example that, despite thinking we have all we need to know on a situation, it can come back and bite us in the butt again. This reason alone should be proof enough that cyber security is something to take seriously, and provide the right amount of attention in order to lessen the likelihood that it occurs to you or your company!

Give us at Re2tech a call today and let us help you set up a strong network, and educate on the necessary precautions and management of a network. 

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Not sure if your company has some loopholes in its cyber security? Let us test it for you!

Recently with the more and more hacking news coverage, people are becoming increasingly worries about their cyber security. With reason to be worried, there are businesses hiring ethical hackers to test their systems and discover any loopholes that may be present.

In India, there is a new platform startup that’s become increasingly popular. An ethical hacker, or in other words, a hacker who tests the networks of businesses/companies, has been getting more and more attention. The basis is that there are a lot of loopholes in cyber security, but if you don’t know what to look for, there’s no way of knowing it’s there.

This startup was started by two young men who thought businesses should be aware of their vulnerabilities. At first people were skeptical about trusting self proclaimed “hackers” but were later happy about their decision to go through the process. The two young men have become somewhat famous in India for their service to businesses and even home networks.

The idea that cyber-security  is not necessary or something to worry about, is being overwritten by the recent activity of malicious hackers. The Equifax breach was a tough blow to stomach, however it has helped people become more aware of the possible vulnerabilities that lay in front of them.

We at Re2tech may not be hackers, but we are better! We are I.T.! We have a more elaborate skill set and understanding of cyber security and networking. We can provide you with a strong sense of security when it comes to your business or home network, helping you move along with your day not worrying about your data that is essential in your everyday life!

Give us a call today and lets ensure your network is above standards! We will ensure to close any loopholes we find, and trust us, we know what to look for! Don’t wait until you are already a victim, its better to make plans that anticipate, rather than plans that react! Lucky for you we do both! 

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What is Cloud technololgy?

Most often, when someone mentions the ‘cloud’, there is often someone who is too embarrassed to ask ‘what’ the cloud is.

Cloud technology has taken the world by storm (no pun intended) in most all areas these days, the cloud is involved in the information storage/management. Businesses to college campus’ to home networks.

So what is the cloud?

The cloud refers to technology that runs software and services on the internet, rather than locally, on your computer. Most all cloud services are accessed through hosting websites, like Firefox or Google Chrome, however there are some companies that offer mobile apps dedicated to cloud functionality as well.

Well known examples of cloud technology would be Google Drive, the application that people often use for image storage, or documents as well. There is also Apple iCloud, Netflix, Yahoo Mail, and Dropbox.

Why the cloud?

The pro’s of cloud technology are often seen through the ability to access your information on any device with an internet connection. For example say your in India on a business venture and you need to pull up some documents you saved on the cloud while back in Chicago. Just connect to an internet source and you’ll be able to access the same location you saved your documents to! You can even edit the files in India and see the changes back in Chicago! Not only that, but you can allow others to have access to the documents, and they can add or subtract information as well, from all across the globe!

Another nice benefit, is due to the cloud servers doing most all the computing and storage, it means your computer doesn’t need to be a high-end machine! Google actually the Chromebook specifically for that reason. It gives accessibility to a wider range of people with multiple different situations, to be able to accomplish the same form of information sharing/storage.

The cloud is awesome!

Correct! However you must still be aware, that without an internet connection, your completely shut out from all of your information stored onto the cloud. This can become a problem for some people. It’s also important to note, that the cloud could become prone to hacking. If the companies security measures are not strong enough against an outside access, your information may be at risk.

It is wise not to put everything onto the cloud and make a habit of storing the vital/sensitive information on your personal drive with a strong network security (which we can help you with!) so that your information security isn’t in the hands of others.

Give us a call at Re2tech today and we can help you set up a cloud storage option, and bulk up your network security! We make I.T. happen! 

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Google acquires cloud identity company Bitium

Google cloud has recently acquired the company known as “Bitium”, a company which gives a focus on enterprise grade identity management and access tools.

These tools can be used for single-sign on, for applications based on the cloud. This newly acquired company will help Google better manage enterprise cloud customer implementation across and organization. This will include several functionality aspects such as security levels and access policies across applications and devices.

The main purpose of Bitium is offering single-stop solution for the management of Google apps, Office 365, social networks, CRM, and collaboration and marketing tools, along with this, the ensurance of security standards.

Google is planning to continue what Bitium was working on, however in its own way, and extend to additional application partners. Plans are in the process to keep it as an open platform for third-party identity management providers that integrate with enterprise customers on the one side, and Google Cloud and G Suite on the other.

This could spell some new options for businesses and their integration with cloud technology and identity management!

Give us a call today and ask us about any networking or technology questions you may have for your home or business! Don’t forget to ask us how we can improve upon your current foundation! 

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CCleaner update, technology companies watchout!

A follow up to the recent article about the hacking of the popular CCleaner software, it seems there was more damage than initially believed.

According to Cisco systems, after research was conducted, it became apparent that the breach was far more serious than initially described by Periform.

Despite more than 2 million people being affected, Avast claimed there was no reason to worry, however it seems despite the malware that infected peoples devices, the hackers had an alternative plan. A control server seized by the U.S. law enforcement showed that the hackers had installed malicious software on a selected group of at least 20 machines.

It is not certain which companies housed the affected machines, however the data shows that the hackers had gone after networks at major tech companies. This list includes big hitters like Samsung, Sony, Akamai, and Cisco itself.

There is speculation that the hackers used their new foothold to steal tech secrets from the large companies. Another speculation that has instilled fear, is the hackers could have been looking to get malicious codes inside of the companies’ products, to have a larger affect across the globe, seeing as how these companies have high-value targets in governments and businesses around the world.

Troubling as it may be, this is a great example of the importance that is, having a watchful eye all across your network, and a strong security measure in place.

Give us a call today, because we make I.T. happen!

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Gas skimmers! Be careful at the pump!

Breaches in security through credit cards are becoming something of a more relevant issue with each passing day. Credit skimmers have been found more and more at gas pumps among other locations, swiping your credit card information, allowing the owner of the skimmers to gain access to your funds if your unaware.

Main reasons skimmers are becoming more common:

  • The cheap builds of skimmers allow them to be made in bulk. This allows for multiple caches to build up for the hackers, not needing to worry about replacing some that are discovered and removed.
  • Most skimmers have a common bluetooth broadcast name of “HC-05”. The password for these is usually 1234. It is best to avoid the pumps that have a connection point of this and let the workers at the location know.
  • The bluetooth module thats used in these easily made skimmers are a commonly used product thats involved in educational kits as well as legitimate products. To ensure the signal you’ve found is a skimmer, send the “P” character to the module over a terminal, and you receive an “M” back, its likely a skimmer program. Contact the workers of the establishment as well as the authorities if this is the case.

There is an free application that has been developed to help detect and alert someone of nearby skimmers. The application is called ‘Skimmer Scanner’ and scans nearby bluetooth signals for the “HC-05” title and checks its purpose. If the app finds a possible skimmer it will alert you, thats it, there will be no notification to any authorities, so be sure to let them know if you find one! The application is also opensource and available for Android, the link is here.

Skimmers are essentially man in the middle attacks. It takes upwards of about 30 seconds reportedly for someone to install this skimmer, combine this with ease of creation and that spells trouble for everyone!

Be on the look out for any curious bluetooth signals that fit the description and be sure to use the skimmer scanner app to help defend yourself! Dont become a victim!

After you’ve downloaded the app, why not give us a call and ask us about the other services we provide in terms of cyber security! 

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CCleaner software infected by nasty malware!

CCleaner is a free optimization tool for windows PC and Android mobile. This morning Piriform, the company which makes the CCleaner tool, divulged that specific versions of the software had been piggybacked by hackers.

Affected versions include CCleaner 5.33.6162 and CCleaner cloud 1.07.3191. The malware has a malicious data-harvesting software, compromising sensitive data of those affected.

Piriform is urging everyone to update as soon as possible, to the 5.34 version or higher.  Click here for the link to the update. Users of the CCleaner cloud has been updated automatically so you don’t need to worry there!

The malware’s harvesting capabilities are known to interact with the computers name, IP address, list of installed software, list of active software, and list of network adapters (data which is described as “non-sensitive”), this information is then transferred to a third party computer somewhere in the US.

As of now, there is no other forms of information known to have been sent. The third parties server has been shut down on the 15th with the help of US law enforcement, which has helped mitigate any excess information breaches. The well known security company, Avast, as indicated that users should be safe now, and due to the quick response to shutting down the third party server, there should be little to no harm done.

An estimated 2.27 million users had the affected software installed on the windows 32-bit machines. As a follow up, no users on android devices were affected negatively by the infection.

As a form of protection and precaution for the future, Piriform is moving the entire product build environment to a more robust, secure infrastructure held by Avast.

This is the second large hacking in the past two weeks using malware that has affected millions of users. Be prepared not damage control, ensure your network is secure now before its too late! We at re2tech can help you with that! After all, we make I.T. happen!

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