Switch Port Protection

There are multiple ways to secure your network, but one of the easiest is with a secured access switchport.

What is a switchport?

A switchport, or network switch, is a networking device that allows the connection of devices to computer networks. This is accomplished through packet switching that grants the ability to receive, process, and forward data to the designated device.

So how can securing a switchport help secure your network?

A secured access switch restricts access to users and devices, thus preventing some random people/hackers to run through your network. By default, access switch ports are in a dynamic-desirable mode, which means it basically follows the orders of any device connected to it.


Ways that we at Re2tech can help you secure your access switch:

  • Enabling BPDU guard, which will protect against unauthorized network devices.
  • Restrict input to an Ethernet switchport, by statically assigning the MAC address of an end device to a specific switchport.
  • Set the switchport into “Sticky” mode which allows the remembering of a devices MAC address as soon as it first connects, which can then be treated as the static address.
  • Configuring the access switch to shut down or restrict access when an attempt of an unauthorized device is detected. This in turn can also send out an SNMP trap message to the administrator, alerting them of the violation.
  • Create a black hole VLAN which guarantees isolation for any unauthorized devices connected to the switch.

There is a long list of possible ways you can secure a switchport. Securing a switchport is simple and easily changed, while also giving an essential base security to a network.

Give us a call at Re2tech today and let us secure your switchports and network! while your at it, inquire about our other I.T. services! Because we make I.T. happen!