Cyber attacks are a race against time, every nanosecond an attacker is undetected more systems and vital information can be breached. Sensitive data needs to be protected with utmost seriousness, for it could lead to a string of problems were it to be harnessed from an outside source.

Cyber attacks have been evolving at a rapid pace, and cyber security should be 3 steps if not more, ahead.

Over the last year alone, it has been identified that 36% of malware now has the ability to download additional malware using a remote server. Basically this means that if one gets in undetected, a plethora of other malware will get in with ease. Finding malware can prove to be tricky if you don’t know where to look, it can be hiding within legitimate processes on a system, through process injection. Another known tactic is implementing a remote admin function to provide a backdoor for the hacker, giving direct access to the system.

Malware has multiple tricks up its sleeve, it doesn’t need to reside in a disk, when it can reside in memory. When malware hides in the form of memory, most traditional security measures wont be able to detect any problems, due to the way in which most antivirus programs search.

Malware has effective methods against POS (Point of Sales) systems, with a notorious technique known as the PoSeidon malware. This malware scraps together memory data sequences and matches patterns, such as credit card numbers, putting someones financial security at risk directly.

Malware is one of many forms of security breaches, with many forms it can take. Be proactive in securing your system, be it for home, business or whatever else. Don’t wait until there is a problem, the best problem is not having one!

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