Atlantic City Schools Missing Funds

Galloway Schools Lacking Cyber Security

Many school district employees, including substitute teachers, totaling near 800 people were affected by a recent cybersecurity incident. This incident involved a missing amount of funds, totaling around $200,000. 

As of September 27th, the Galloway School districts became aware of two fraudulent wire transfers, each being around $200,000. So far, one of the wire transfers has been recovered, however there is still one missing in action. 

The missing sum of money was thanks to an overlook in the cybersecurity of the school. The New Jersey School Boards Association stated that this kind of attack would not have occurred, had they had proper forms of cyber security in place to begin with. 

As a reaction to the Incident, the school board has issued the education and training of staff in regards to cybersecurity, along with establishing and assessing disaster recovery plans, and creating and reviewing board policies. 

While these efforts will indeed help the staff to understand and take action in specific instances, this does not address the entirety of the problems. A 2018 report found in a nation wide survey that school board members are often unaware of cybersecurity measures, and because of this often use unsecured or minimally secured locations to download information and communication.

As of now, the investigation has resulted in the belief that the information gained from the breach, aside from the funds, was all in relation to staff members’ login information, not any children or parents sensitive information.  While this is good news, there is still a worry about the potential further damage that could occur with the login information, and as such there is a wide reset in the process. The township manager Chris Johansen has stated that the township will host a cybersecurity  training session through the New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell.

While many places across the United States advance in technology and the safety measures necessary with the technology, there are still an abundant of places in our country that need the knowledge and know-how to protect themselves from malicious intent. 

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