Recently announced, a Russian hacker group known as “Pawn Storm” has taken to the web for a bold attack on the Senate. In an attempt to gain email access, tensions rise in the US governments management of the continual Russian online invasions from hackers abound.

This hacking group has been known for its penetration of the Democratic National Committee and has been known to make many brazen attacks on US networks over the past eight months. One of the main focuses of the group is the Senates internal email system. This news is following the report of another Russian affiliated hacker group known as “Fancy Bear” attempting to hack into accounts dealing with the Winter Olympics.

Trend Micro. Inc. was responsible for bringing forth news of this recent hacking attempt and states that Pawn Storm’s attacks that began in 2017 has since set phishing sites that mimic active government directory services, causing issues for accountability. It was made clear however that despite the hackers attempts, the U.S. Senate ADFS server is not reachable on the open internet.

The hacking group has been making false identity accounts and emailing personnel that their password has expired, and since they take the guise of Microsoft Exchange, it’s harder to discern the real from the fake. There has been talk that Pawn Storm has been on the radar for four years, due to their involvement in phishing activity against political organizations in Iran, France, Germany, Montenegro, Turkey and Ukraine. It is believed that Pawn Storm wants to influence the public in some manner, and are searching for leak worthy information.

Cozy Bear, Pawn Storm and Fancy Bear are the three main hacking groups from Russia right now causing a ruckus in the online world. There is belief that Pawn Storm is linked to Russia’s military intelligence service. Other security firms who have had run-in’s with the other hacking groups, have made comments that they believe Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear are also sponsored by the Russian government.

Tensions rise online just 12 days into the new year. Hopefully there will be some cooling time before the next barrage of bad bear news! That’s all for today folks!


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