Apple is being sued by Qualcomm for a breach in software license contract.

As of yesterday, it was made public that Qualcomm is suing Apple, saying Apple violated a license contract to benefit a rival chipmaker known as Intel Corp for making broadband modems. Apparently, this isn’t the first time Apple and Qualcomm have butted heads.

Qualcomm stated in a California court Wednesday, that Apple used it’s commercial leverage to demand unprecedented access to the chipmaker’s highly confidential software, including the almighty source code.

Thus far, Apple has declined to comment on the suit, however it should be noted that Apple has started using Intels broadband modem chips in their iPhone 7’s.

Apparently Qualcomm claims that under the contract, Apple was required to ensure that Apple engineers working with Qualcomm did not communicate details about Qualcomm chips to Apple engineers working on competing chips from Intel.

Supposedly Apple asked Qualcomm for “highly confidential” information about their chips and how it works on an unidentified wireless carrier’s network. Furthermore, Apple supposedly copied an Intel engineer in the email for information.

There have also been reports that an Apple engineer that was working on a competing  chip asked an Apple engineer that was working with Qualcomm chips, to get technical information form Qualcomm.

Rumors say that Apple will be dropping Qualcomm’s chips entirely from its iPhones and iPads beginning next year.