Passwords are often seen as something that should be a complex arrangement of letters, numbers and punctuation, and should be reset every 90 days or so to ensure your security. However its seems this is all wrong! The person who created these guidelines is sorry.

Apparently passwords with complex assortments are actually easier for computers to decode and hack into.

For example: M36AM4N!?

This assortment uses all the suggested password protocols, but when a computer looks at this, the bits of entropy is relatively low and would take little time for the computer to generate variations of allowing ease of hack.

It is now seen as better to use a much longer password that is just four random words, which makes it easier to remember as well!

For example: Mother Mayo Bowl Frame

This password has a much higher bit of entropy count that makes it much more difficult for computers to make variations of. The amount of time it takes for a computer to decode these kinds of passwords is exponentially higher than passwords with a complex assortment of characters.

Also, the 90-day expiration suggestion is also being dropped as a norm! No more pesky emails saying its time to update!

Now go change all your passwords to some random four word phrase and ensure your safety! No More Cyber Slaying (my new password!…Oh wait)

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