OnePlus has been under some heat lately for their non-consensual data snooping through their mobile devices.

After a security researcher had exposed OnePlus for their snooping, they have reportedly admitted to the non-consensual action. Their address to their customer service forum on Friday the 13th confirmed such accusations. OnePlus tried to clarify and explain that the intent of the program was to improve user experience on it’s OxygenOS software.

OnePlus stated they have at no point shared any of the information with outside parties, to help ease the anxiety of their customers. OnePlus has stated that they will stop collecting telephone numbers, MAC addresses and WiFi information by the end of October. Also at the end of October, the company will prompt all users on how and why they collect data and will give an option to users to opt out of the data collection.

Their is still tension with some customers for fear of their data being mined for its value to marketers.  Despite opting out of the data gathering, there is still no real change. By opting out, the only difference is that there is no tags that link back to the device the data was gathered from. Currently there is still no sure-fire way to prevent the data from being gathered.