The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has been caught sneakily collecting tons and tons amount of data from its smartphones and the users.

The data that’s being collected from the smartphones have been getting transferred to a server along with the serial number of the device. According to a security researcher, OnePlus devices running the OxygenOS have been collecting data that involve when a user locks/unlocks the phone, when apps are opened, used and closed, and which Wi-Fi networks are connected to. This type of information is generally normal and accepted. However there is more at work being collected that strays from the path of normalcy.

OnePlus collects the devices IMEI, phone number, and mobile network names, so the data that is being sent to the servers can be specifically identified with ease. It is believed that the OnePlus device manager and provider has the code that initiates the data collection.

OnePlus has stated the there are two streams of data collection. One stream is for fine-tune purposes that involve the usage analytics, while the other stream is for after-sales support. OnePlus says you can opt out of the data collection in the settings/advanced/”join user experience program” section, however there is no way to opt out of the second data gathering stream that is for “after-sales support”