The National Security Agency (NSA) creates software that can be used for hacking and testing vulnerabilities. Most, if not all, of this software is kept secret and only used by the NSA. However, during a conference on Tuesday, the agency presented their program, Ghidra, which they have decided to make open-source.

Ghidra is a reverse engineering software. Programs are first written in code, then compiled to run. After this compiling process, it is typically difficult to reverse. What Ghidra allows you to do is turn that compiled program back into a human readable format. This is very important to cyber-security because it allows researchers to break open malicious software and see how it works.

Products for reverse engineering already exist and are available to anyone, but for a price. Ghidra, on the other hand, is 100% free and open source, meaning anyone can look at the source code. It also runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This will aide in training cyber-security apprentices due to the availability.

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 Image Credit: NSA