As we all know, cyber attacks are becoming more and more commonly talked about. Defending yourself against a cyber attack can be difficult, there are so many forms of cyber attacks and multiple ways you can try to anticipate them. However, network segmentation is effective for anyone and everyone in helping to slow down the damage a cyber attack can do!

How does segmenting a network help defend or slow down the spread of a cyber attack?

By splitting up your network into smaller subnetworks you are able to micro manage different forms of cyber security. For example you can have one subnetwork with a form of security that looks specifically for one type of cyber attack, while having a different subnetwork with a different form of cyber defense. This multi segmented network gives a stronger control to role and functionality and if you were to be hacked in some way, this would not allow the breach to infest everything all at once. There would be time to discover the location of the problem and fix it before it spreads to a different segment of your network!

This form of security is especially useful for small businesses who manage everything on one network and rely on websites, smartphones and connected devices.

Firewalls are the corner stone for segmented networks, they ensure agility and security by managing traffic to and from network devices, as well as eliminate the threat of excess access to your network.

Give us a call at re2tech today and let us help spread your network into a more defensive state to mitigate any damage if you were to be the victim of an online attack! While were at it, let us increase your security through measures like VPN (virtual private network) to ensure your at your strongest to begin with and help avoid any attacks all together!