Microsoft Will Block Windows 10 Update if Any USB Storage is Connected

Microsoft recently published this document on their support page cautioning users that the Windows 10 update for May 2019 might not install if they have any USB drives or SD storage plugged into their computer.

The cause of this is “inappropriate drive assignment”, according to Microsoft.

There is a simple way to remedy this quickly. Microsoft’s workaround is to remove any USB external drives, USB thumb drives, and SD storage then reset the May 2019 Update installation. This will be an issue if your copy of Windows 10 is installed on a USB drive of sorts, as you will not be able to remove it and run Windows at the same time.

They don’t plan to block the May 2019 Update for all users. The only versions that will be blocked from updating are versions 1803 and 1809. Users that aren’t on either of these two versions of Windows 10 will be able to hop to the may update smoothly.

Microsoft plans to resolve the issue permanently in the future.

If you’re having any other problems with updating your systems, give us a call!

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