This week Microsoft announced the availability of Ubuntu Linux distro as a free download in the Windows Store.

Microsoft Senior Program Manager, Rich Turner, says that it can be installed on any Windows Insider build.


There are some advantages to using the Windows Store version of the Ubuntu:

The Store version of the operating system can be launched from the start menu or from command line.

Open Source Community

Having the software easily accessible to the Windows Store makes the software more discoverable by users.

“By putting Ubuntu immediately available on the Windows desktop, we’re bringing Ubuntu, Linux and open source to billions of Windows users in the world,” said Dustin Kirkland, head of product and strategy for Ubuntu at Canonical.

It seems unlikely, though, that rank-and-file Windows desktop users will start downloading and installing Ubuntu from the Windows Store. This really only points to developers. Sure it’s open to everyone which is awesome. Could spark someones mind to learn more about it which is neat.

Boon for Developers

Those who are working on open source projects but would prefer Windows as their desktop OS, will be able to keep using it all while working with Linux tools through Ubuntu.

This will make it easier for open source developers to still have access to Microsoft Office, server software, and other programs and still be able to develop applications.

In addition, without having to run a virtual machine, it gives them access to Windows applications, Windows command line, PowerShell and Linux user mode tools.

Developers aren’t the only ones who may benefit from Windows Store Ubuntu, however. Admins could find this useful for managing both Linux and Windows servers.


Microsoft is doing something to keep its developers happy. And on top of that, this could spark someone new to give it a try.