Everyone knows of the virus security program McAfee, so that will make this information a little funny, but the cyber security expert John McAfee’s twitter account had been hacked.

This curious turn of events had occurred in order to promote specific alternative cryptocurrencies to invest in. Last week, McAfee’t twitter account had been hacked and abused to recommend cryptocurrencies, in the assumption that the hacker had invested in the same stock and was trying to cause a surge in the stock pricing to make some money.

McAfee¬† had posted a tweet clarifying that the twitter posts called “Coin of the day” was not made by him, and that his account was hacked. McAfee warns others of the potential danger in new hacking methods that had been used on him to attain his twitter account. The hackers had apparently changed the accounts linked phone number in order to attain the password with the “lost password” function. McAfee stated that this form of hacking has not been seen before, and that everyone else should be weary as well.

The hackers who posted tweets on McAfee’s behalf induced a rise in certain stocks of the cryptocurrency world, probably producing a nice lump sum of money for the hackers. There is speculation that AT&T had someone from the inside causing the problems, and that would explain the new phenomenon involving the phone number change on the account. McAfee regained control of his account three days after the incident and attempted to defend himself from the ridicule that followed.

There is further speculation that another large hack will occur in the cryptocurrency market, and that those who are investing should move their earnings to a private online wallet. Due to cryptocurrencies being a million dollar market, the target is big and red all over and in the cross-hairs of probably every hacker out there.

Keep yourselves safe everyone, and if you are in the crypto game, move that money before you lose it, like those involved in the Nicehash hit.