Recent security checks have discovered that a nasty malware has found its way to peoples devices via the google play store.

Reportedly dozens of malicious apps has affected as many as 21 million victims through fraudulent premium texts messages and fake services. An Israeli cybersecurity giant published the reported attacks.

Supposedly, this malware directly harms the users, by running up phone bills rather than the normal bot to ad click revenue scheme.

The running name of the malware is “ExpensiveWall” in part because of its interaction with an app that adds new wallpapers for background images, called “Lovely Wallpaper”. The malware is known to have affected other apps such as ‘I Love Filter,” “Tool Box Pro,” and “Horoscope.”

There’s a suspected 50 apps involved with the malware. This infection was achieved through a method called “packing” which compresses code with encryption, essentially masking it.

A website has been set up to show which apps were compromised, click here and scroll near the bottom for the list of affected apps.

Malware is a vicious form of cybersecurity breach, the best solution is to ensure your cyber defenses are at their peak. Give us a call at re2tech today and ensure your sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.