Technology in the Classroom

Technological Learning Environments

Technology used to be something that wasn’t easily accessible. To use a computer you would need to wait quite a while for the startup, and finding a computer would be difficult in itself. Today that is all changed, as computers come in all forms of shapes and sizes and are now synonymous with our societies development. 

Many used to criticize children that were in middle or high school for having their own flip phone, and yet, now there are tablets in elementary schools. Our future generations are now being taught with the HELP of technology, like tablets and smart boards. 

What Changed?

Our understanding of technology and it’s uses has reformed in multiple areas across society, and one prominent area is schools and education. Technology has become a powerful tool to help develop and improve the human potential across many major educational fields like math, science and art! 

Thanks to the interaction between psychology and the developments surrounding human learning, retention, positive reinforcement, and understanding, technology has been tempered to give children an experience that is expansive and thorough, exponentially increasing their processing and understanding. 

If we were to compare the rate of understanding in math, for example, with our current generation to the past generation, we would see a higher rate of understanding at more advanced levels than we did back in the 80’s. 

What about our Traditional Teaching Methods and Interactions?

While technology has become a prominent source or education, many schools don’t rely on that alone, as it is an isolated experience. It is valued knowledge that children interact in social settings on a daily to build their skills in areas outside of math and the like, to help them be strong communicators and  persons in society. These classrooms are called “blended environments” and still involve the use of pen and paper and whiteboards with dry erase markers. Many studies have shown a strong retention rate in children and adults who learn through strong physical actions like writing and expression, rather than pressing on a touch screen. 

The interaction with technology in a classroom is a balancing act that is thus far going well, we many teachers and professionals have identified key aspects of both traditional and new age learning styles, and the incorporation of both, rather than one over the other, has shown great results. 

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