Recently a post has surfaced regarding WordPress, the web-hosting site. Apparently it is being attacked by cryptomining code, stealing the information and resources of computers visiting the site. It is believed the Monero cryptocurrency is to blame for the mining.

Sucuri, the researchers that noticed the mining, say that while the front end of website looks like a mine field, the back end is literally an explosive danger. In the background of some websites are key-logging exploits. Key-logging is the appropriation of information that is entered into the ‘username’ and ‘password’ fields of websites. This means, that before even hitting the enter key, anything you type into these sections is recorded and sent to hackers that may then prance into your business website and divert traffic to some kind of scam and slander the company name you have been trying to hard to build.

There is an estimated 2,000 websites that have a keylogger attached to them, and all of those websites stem from WordPress, the hosting website that allows you to create other websites. This is following a past attack that affected nearly 5,500 WordPress sites last month. This security breach can affect more than your word count.

While self-hosting is an appealing endeavor, it also means you are in control of the security measures that protect that which you host. For better or worse. There are always new vulnerabilities that occur in programs and sites that require vigilance and patches to fix. If your not keeping track of such things, then your site and everything attached to it will become a playground for malicious actions.

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