Internet crime continues to be a problem

In 2016 the financial loss from cybercrime in the U.S. exceeded the $1.3 billion mark. According to a report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, this is a rise of 24 percent.

The 2016 internet crime report examined the most prevalent and damaging forms of cybercrime – like business email compromise, ransomware, tech support fraud, and extortion. The report based its findings on nearly 300,000 complaints filed with the complaint center.

In 2016, the top three crime types reported were non-payment, non-delivery, personal data breach and payment scams.

The top five states based on victim counts were:

  1. California: 39,547
  2. Texas: 21,441
  3. Florida: 21,068
  4. New York: 16,426
  5. Illinois: 9,177
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Based on loss values, the top five states were:

  1. California: $255.2 million
  2. New York: $106.2 million
  3. Florida: $88.8 million
  4. Texas: $77.1 million
  5. Virginia: $49.2 million

Americans over the age of 60 were targeted the most(more then 55,000) and also suffered the biggest total loss. However the second highest number of victims came from the 30-39 age group(54,670).

This was the 2016 numbers. Now if we take a step back and think about how 2017 will look, it seems as though it won’t be any better. In fact it will probably be much worse. With Wannacry & Petya ransomware attacks continuing there is just no way.

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