Recently reported, Imgur,  the image-sharing website has been victim to a data breach. Millions of accounts are suspected to have been compromised.

A security researcher recently discovered back in 2014 Imgur had suffered a massive data breach, putting millions of accounts in a state of vulnerability. The affected information consisted of emails and passwords for the accounts, however there are no reasons to believe any real names or other personal data was breached.

This is a lucky break for imgur, seeing as how many a businesses have been coming out informing their customers of a breach that occurred and customers very private information was stolen, like real names/addresses and credit card numbers.

Imgur has been praised for their swift action and transparency on the matter. Imgur’s chief operator put out a statement saying “We apologize that this breach occurred and the inconvenience it has caused you.”

The data researcher who discovered the breach thinks the encryption method Imgur used in 2014, A hashing algorithm, was broken through with brute force, and that because Imgur updated their encryption method in 2016, there shouldn’t be worries of it occurring again anytime soon.

Great job Imgur for addressing the issue in a time sensitive manner and with consideration for your customers. This is a great contrast in comparison to the Uber mishap that was recently made public.

Keep your information up to date and your usernames and passwords strong and changing between applications/websites. Don’t let data breaches like this affect your daily life!