Hyper-V! What is it, and do you need it?

Hyper-V, also known as hypervisor, is a form of virtualization technology. Hyper-V is a computer software, firmware or hardware that creates and runs virtual machines. A computer that has Hyper-V is a host computer, and can allow guest operating systems access to virtual operating platforms. Hyper-V allows physical to virtual migrations, private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds!

So whats the big deal? Why do you care about Hyper-V technology?

Lets break it down!

  • Hyper-V can consolidate and run applications onto fewer physical servers.
  • Virtualization enables quick ¬†provisioning and deployment, enhances workload balance and enhances resiliency and availability, due to being able to dynamically move virtual machines from one server to another.
  • Virtual machines work swimmingly with managed cloud server technology.
  • Companies can capitalize on the functionality of Hyper-V technology. I.T. companies (like us!) can become more efficient in their efforts, which helps us, help you!
  • The cloud infrastructure services along with virtual machine technology allows for the optimization of capacity needs. Allocating resources as necessary to the needs in the given moment, rather than a separation of resources, that are on hold for other specific services not currently in need.
  • If workloads vary greatly within your company, virtualization allows an easier management of migration and balance. When expecting a large increase in capacity needs, you just need to contact your cloud provider to allow a higher capacity for the necessary time.
  • One of the best aspects of Hyper-V is that, if maintenance is required, there is no necessary downtime!
  • Of course, when it comes to security, Hyper-V has comprehensive security functions through active directory.

Hyper-V is a strong tool to help manage your network options and connect multiple OS to a single server. The advantages of Hyper-V are becoming more and more known and integrated into most all modern businesses, increasing functionality.

Give us a call today and talk to us about setting up Hyper-V technology for your company and while your at it, inquire about our other services! We make I.T. happen, and were in it for the long haul!