Recently made public by a security researcher by the name of ZwClose, is the unfortunate mishap affecting some of the HP laptops.

Supposedly in the past there have been complaints about HP leaving key loggers installed on laptops, posing a potential danger to those whose laptops are involved. Key loggers that could allow hackers to record every keystroke on the laptop and steal sensitive data from the users which can include everything from usernames and passwords to credit card information.

Unfortunately the mistake has once again risen is head. The key loggers have been found to be in an estimated 460 HP laptops, supposedly “accidentally left behind” from the manufacturing and testing stages of the laptops. The key loggers are turned off, which may seem like its not be deal then, however, there is the potential for hackers to alter the registry value associated with the key logger that would turn it on, and give the hackers access to the device.

HP claimed it was also a “debug trace” and has since been removed when made aware of the problem. A list of the affected models for HP laptops can be found at this link here. If your model is listed, it is important to update your drivers as soon as possible to prevent any possible key logging travesties.

It’s important to keep up to date on your devices and their security, so keep checking back for more insight on what may prove a threat to your home, life and online presence!