2017 was a big year for technology and it’s hacking abusers. With the new year already in progress we were all hoping for a nice downtime from the bad news and potential dangers. Sadly that isn’t the case right now. Recently reported were attempts of maleware infection affecting those involved in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Apparently, emails containing maleware-infected documents were distributed to organizations involved in the organization involving the Winter Olympics. These emails were spoof accounts, which means they were simply made for the purpose of distributing the maleware, and used the false pretense of being someone they were not. The emails were reported to have been sent from South Korea’s National Counter-Terrorism Center, and that the email contained information that would help the process of antiterror drills in the region to prepare for the games.

The security firm McAfee confirmed the attempted malware intrusion upon inspection of the reports. Since December 22nd of 2017 there have been emails such as these circulating , attempting to either gain sensitive information such as passwords and emails or financial information. The emails that were received are reported to have been sent from Singapore but the content in the email was written in Korean. Along with the emails were the documents that held the malware, and those documents read as “Organized by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Pyeonchang Winter Olympics”.

Through time, the emails had altered the way which they spread the malware, from a document to a hidden text, or picture, which is a tactic known as steganography. McAfee reports the implants in the emails lead to an established link between the victim and the attacker’s server, to enable the attacker to gain access to executable commands and install additional problems. McAfee expects there to be more attacks such as these to continue up until the event, and to be weary of the recent past examples that involved this form of attack.

Well, it looks like this year may be another trial that we all must pull together to overcome. In the meantime, give us a call at Re2tech to enhance your online defenses and become more understanding of your network and systems!


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